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"BOOSTER" vest

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Flex your favourite cards in the most stylish way possible, and customize this vest however you see fit! Pockets are sized to hold all popular trading cards - show us your personalized look!

UNISEX - friendly for all colours, shapes and sizes.
• 100% water-resistant transparent fabric, carefully crafted with love.
• Super effective against noobs and third-rate duelists!
• Features 20 outer pockets and a zipper enclosure.
• Cut and sewn from scratch! No blanks here.
• Ships out within 1 week due to awesomeness.
• Be sure to show off how good it looks on you and how you customize yours! Who has got the biggest flex?! #pinkcitygram 
• MODEL - Male: 5'6" (M).
 Disclaimer: Pink City Clothing Inc. is not licensed by, affiliated with, or endorsed by the creators of the intellectual properties that customers choose to personalize this design with. 

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